My magic wands* are bravely continuing their career.
They are part of the publication edited by the artist Thomas Geiger: "The Collection for the poor Collector"** containing works by international artists, which (...) explore economic and distribution strategies outside of the art market (...)" ... and are affordable.
The collection of works is currently shown at Sperling Gallery in Munich (11-21 April 2018) and will soon move further. A good occasion to incite you to include some good magic into your art collection.***

Magic wand #397. Stick, packaging, series-number.

I am able to find magic sticks, exclusively for you, from 1 to 100 euros, as you like.
*** Write to me in order to receive yours.
The thus gained budget will support the realization of:

- the next "Give&Take" shelf for gifts in Latina (I),
where I will be collaborating with local artists to create unique gifts-stations

- the first edition of the collection "Non trovo pace- suggerimenti per A. Marinov"
consisting of empty writing copies distributed in different spots in town with the request to write suggestions for A. Marinov, who cannot settle, unfortunately

sss gtl0

"Non trovo pace - purtroppo/ Suggerimenti per A. Marinov
(I cannot settle - unfortunately/ Suggestions for A. Marinov)
Empty writing copies, distributed to be filled out.
  Give&Take Latina, step one

It was in 2008, the year of the crisis, financial of course and personal: totally free, with the art graduation to pick up at the registrar, I thought I could start my professional art career by selling magic wands. After spreading some shy invitation and organizing things I installed at the public square my vendor table. It was in October the 10th 2008, a 10 to 5 intense working day.
Not only me myself but also the people around kept asking what I was doing. Me and the same people responded with well thought, witty, emotional commentaries. For sure I knew, I wanted to bargain again and again with people for magic sticks.
In the past years I was able to show and offer the sticks in different contexts, currently I am thankful, for the attention given, to Thomas Geiger, Sperling Gallery, Edition Taube, of course Hubert for his unwavering support and

** THE COLLECTION FOR THE POOR COLLECTOR with: Adnan Balcinovic, Antoanetta Marinov, Constant Dullaart, David Horvitz, David Sherry, Dennis Tyfus, Donna Kukama, Émilie Brout & Maxime Marion, Florian Graf, Hubert Renard, JaZoN Frings, Jesús „Bubu“ Negrón, Jonathan Monk, Kurt Ryslavy, Marc Buchy, Matthijs Booij, Maya Rochat, Nobutaka Aozaki, Sophie Lapalu, Thomas Geiger and *. Find the Edition here.

You are kindly welcome!
Thank you for your interest and involvement,

Antoanetta Marinov

Thomas Geiger
Editon Taube
Sperling Gallery