Rechts und Links (detail).



Rechts und Links (detail) . Image: Paul Olfermann.

Rechts und Links - a ritual

The city of Schöppingen and Minden


First instigator was the view on a low stonewall on the square of the artist village. „Walls concern me“ says Marinov. (...). There are parallels between the artists and the refugees in the village, thinks Marinov: Both are guests of the community; some are invited, others have just arrived. „Left and right of the wall“ she describes it: the same and yet different.

„Left“; and „right“ is also written on the front frame of the wooden rack Antoanetta Marinov is carrying in front of her. Similar to an original vendor’s tray fixed with a harness which lays across both shoulders. However, the artist does not like the word. It is not commercial, not about money “I call it „portable display“. The artist wants to exchange. Since the last weekend she wanders on paths or sits on the small wall and waits. For encounters with people, that became aware and willing to take time. For those who want to embark with her project. „Chose an object from the right tray that appeals to you“ she is asking elderly men, curios girls, couples or refugees. „Charge the object with a negative thought that burdens you“ The utensil is being moved in a black wooden box and Marinov promises: „I will look after your worry“. How exactly, she won’t reveal.

Then a grasp on the left side. Again, the choice on a find. A positive thought. „What do you wish for?“ Silently hopes and dreams floating into feathers, stones or a pieces of plastic. This time the object remains in possession of the wishing person. And the obelus? No, Marinov doesn’t request money in her project. Yet, she is asking for a gift. Words, sentences, poems, thoughts – of the person anonymously written down in a lined notebook. „This is my gift“ she says. „I read it in the evening and I am looking forward to it all day“. S. Sitte.